We launched on August 6, 2014 with the goal of improving the quality, customization, and overall experience of the swimming pool construction phase for new homeowners working with elite homebuilders. Since then we have designed over 120 “highly” custom projects, struck collaborative relationships with 10 highly respected custom homebuilders and home designers from Oklahoma City to Houston, and advanced the quality as well as turn times for 3D outdoor design in our markets. We have been able to play a significant role in helping all of our clients (design only and design/build) work through the challenges of visualizing their project, gain a good cost perspective earlier in their new home construction process, and gain a higher confidence level during the construction experience.

In this short period of time, our work has translated into 40 projects built or currently under construction, with 4 more still to come online in 2016. That is a 37% project deliver rate in a market where traditional retail pool building companies are happy if they hit 10%. During this time, we have been testing a long term homeowner support service with remarkable success. By early 2017, you will actually see this program being made available for homeowners that do not own a project designed or constructed with the Build A Pool system. This will truly make owning a home with a pool or selling a home with a pool significantly more reassuring.

Today, we can say with tremendous gratitude to our clients, our homebuilders, and sub-contractors that 97.5% (39 out of 40) of our current build clients refers us to their friends and business associates…not just during the excitement of the build process, but long after their project is finished. 97.5% of our project owners stay in contact with us throughout the years that follow the completion of their project… if simply for confidence and reassurance that we are still here for them as we were on the first day their project design started. 97.5% of our clients are willing to allow us to bring other prospective or active clients over to look at their finished product as a means of helping another new pool owner make a good decision.

We share this information with you today, not only as an update on our progress, but as a means of achieving our goal of helping consumers make confident decisions when they are in a position to consider adding a new swimming pool or outdoor living setting to their home. You have a wealth of unfiltered social media and online resources that attempt to “emotionally educate” you into a decision, but the best information is what you can see, touch, and feel. You want to measure a company’s commitment to you before they put a shovel in the ground or you write a check, then follow our model, meet our clients, and meet our custom home building professionals. The smoke and mirrors of sales, marketing, and social media cyber talk will disappear, and leave you with more confidence if it is truly time for you to #buildapooltoday.