“Experience makes the difference.” However, when we say “experience” we mean the “customer experience” for the life of the pool. From the very beginning phase of design, to customer support years after the newness has worn off, it is our belief that the customer experience is created through a “self-sacrificing” level of communication.

Technology has set a precedence for mankind, and if we do not want technology to replace us, then we need to communicate as cordially, consistently, and intelligently as the technology society is advancing every day. In fact, it is the opportunity to build relationships through self-sacrificing communication (face to face interaction, routine site visits, text, email, phone, social media…virtually 24/7 accessibility) that keeps the human aspect of doing business one step ahead of technology.

We understand that today, a swimming pool and outdoor living project is the second largest purchase in a homeowner’s life next to the home itself. In virtually all cases, these projects cost more than their primary work vehicles. However, the one advantage to an outdoor living project is that it can play a major role in a family’s quality of home life in times of economic boom and downturns. So with this understanding, the least everyone at Build-A- Pool can do is look at every project we design and assist in its construction as if it were our own. The least we can do is go in with expectations that every swimming pool is a pool for life, and every homeowner is a client for life. All achieved through self-sacrificing communication.

Galen Crabtree
President, CEO & Founder
Build-A- Pool LLC