For existing home projects where the homeowner living in the home is going to be experiencing a pool installation for their first time, no matter how much they says they are prepared for the devastation their backyard is going to experience,  they never really are.  Pool and outdoor living construction is more like orthopedic surgery than neurosurgery.  Cut, saw, break, drill, screws, and finish it off with pretty little stitches.

The television series, “Undercover boss” is a very entertaining and sometimes inspiring reality show, but in construction when clients SEEK the “boss” their confidence has been lost.  When the SEE a leader they are inspired and excited about their project decision.  BuildAPool project managers are trained to be leaders.  They may seem like they are simply tasked with overseeing the workers but it will not come as a surprise if the client sees them perform many of the tasks the workers perform in order to keep quality control in check and the project on track, or to get it back on track should something occur to knock the timeline off its path.