Suburban Large Freeform

Suburban Large Freeform

Here is the first production pool from one of our popular free form pool designs. Finished in September of 2015 while Oxford Homes was building this incredible Brent Gibson Classic Design custom home in the new, “multi-acre” estate community of Edmond, “Summit Lakes.” This large free form pool is 138′ perimeter with two impressive focal points. First, we incorporated an over sized 10′ interior diameter raised spa with faux infinity glass tile spillway. Then we wrapped a large, pass through stone masonry fireplace on one side and a large, flagstone beach entry on the rest of the perimeter leading to a large lounging sun ledge. On the sun ledge are three Jandi color LED water bubblers that work in concert with the Jandi color LED pool lights in the spa and pool. Then opposite the spa area is a REALLY large rockfall with grotto, Big Ride slide, and smaller wrap around waterfall. This is a 9′ diving pool that is approximately 1,080 sq ft area. It has the premium Caribbean Blue Luminous Beadcrete plaster from Pebble Tech as its interior finish. Powering this beauty is Jandi 2.7hp VSP ePump, 2.0 water feature Stealth pump, CV580 cartridge filter, Nature2 Fusion salt water generator, and a 400k BTU JXi natural gas heater. The secret weapon to its over all appearance and low cost heating was our integration of A&A Manufacturing’s state of the art in-floor cleaning system.

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July 14, 2016